About the Foundation

The Journalists and Writers Foundation (JWF) was founded in 1994. As there is a need for a peacful coexistence in the world today, the foundation aims to contribute to the society by enriching what already exists, yet at the moment we find ourselves in a somewhat forgotten culture of living together.

Since 1994 the Journalists and Writers Foundation made its main principle to organize events promoting love, tolerance and dialogue.
There are six platforms that works under the Journalists and Writers Foundation umbrella; Abant Platform, Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP), Dialogue Eurasia Platform (DA Platform), Medialog Platform, and Women’s Platform.

Abant Platform sets a ground for intellectuals in Turkey to get together and understand each other. The platform aims to open the controversial topics like democracy, human rights, laicism, globalization and Islam in Turkey to discussion in its periodical meetings.

Intercultural Dialogue Platform (IDP) organizes events that will bring religious leaders, public intellectuals and scientists in order to offer solutions for the presently common problems like terrorism and wars within in the world. Prominent people from different cultures and religious background come together and deliver messages for humanity.

The Dialogue Eurasia Platform (DAP) is an international civil society organization that seeks to boost dialogue and peace and promote and share intellectual experience and cultural heritage among Eurasian peoples rowing in the same boat for a better future.

Medialog Platform is for working the means of media to establish dialogue and peace among societies and civilizations, the main goal being to make ethical and accurate reportings.

Women’s Platform bringing a women’s perspective to establishing dialogue while organising events that contributes to universal values. One of the biggest projects of the platform is the International Family Conference that is held once in every two years.

In addition to all these efforts, the JWF occasionally holds award ceremonies to gain inspiration from for those who contributed to universal peace and worked hard for their fellow countrymen.